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PSI/ Success story: a bright future due to an improbable profession

Wednesday, 12 May 2021
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After years of unsuccessful work in masonry, Mr. Dosso wondered about improving his quality of life and that of his family.

He was approached by an municipality agent of OUME where he has been living for few years.

This man presented to him the lucrative possibilities related to the installation of toilets and "SaniPlus" structures developed through the Sanitation Service Delivery (SSD) project implemented by the American NGO PSI-CI..

Convinced of the positive change that the use of improved toilets in rural and urban areas could bring, Dosso works hard to be qualify as an entrepreneur in the city of Oumé. It has strengthened its skills in the manufacture of “SaniPlus” toilets. Then, creates his company called “ETS Dosso” located in Oumé, in the “Yaofla” district.

Despite difficult beginnings, Dosso traveled through households and villages to promote his company and its products, including those offered by “SaniPlus”.

A few months later, the quality of "SaniPlus" works and the feedback from satisfied households echoed its know-how in the city and surroundings of Oumé.

For the sake of fine-tuning its strategy, Dosso joins forces with a brick and broom factory to better sell its production.

This approach will pay off and give him the ability to bulk purchase gravel and own a tricycle to facilitate his growing deliveries. Very quickly, its "SaniPlus" toilet facilities in rural areas will surge and provide it with the necessary resources to consider opening a second point of sale in the near future.

Today, Dosso dreams of conquering neighboring towns through "SaniPlus" outlets.