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Democratic Republic of Congo: Regideso Creates An Anti-Fraud Brigade

Monday, 07 May 2018
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For nearly a decade, REGIDESO has only billed half of its production, the other half, which it does not control, vanishes into the air.

Under these circumstances, it has been difficult for the Company to achieve performance because deprived of a large part of its revenues. After a diagnosis of both its technical and commercial statistics, it turned out that several factors were at the origin of this underperformance, including the phenomenon of illegal connections, water theft at points of sale that are cut off, underground tees installed by subscribers, parallel connections, meter manipulations, change of water consumption by agents. In order to prevent this situation and thus to improve its performance, REGIDESO SA Management Committee, with the support of the Board of Directors decided to create an Anti-Fraud Brigade.

The official presentation ceremony of this brigade took place on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 with the highest authorities of the country in attendance.

The REGIDESO Anti-Fraud Brigade, whose experimental field is the city of Kinshasa’s network, is responsible for regularly combing all points of sale in service and/or cut, carrying out missions of investigations in all entities of the Kinshasa Provincial Directorate in order to identify all cases of illegal connections, water theft, installation of underground tees and other problems. The Anti-fraud Brigade will also analyse all reports of abnormalities reported by Sales Agents, subscribers and customers. It will then deal with all cases mentioned above and eradicate them, identity all fraudulent practices that impair the interests of REGIDESO SA and apply corrective measures to agents and subscribers who engage in the practices of collusion, manipulations of meters, change of indexes and water consumption, as well as installation of underground tees.

The Company hopes to improve its network performance in this way, which will enable it to expand its level of activities and increase its annual revenues.