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Considerations at the End of the Kampala STC

Wednesday, 08 August 2018
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The meeting of the AfWA Scientific and Technical Council (STC) has just been held in Kampala, Uganda, with greater participation of members despite the long distance for some. Certainly, this is not only because of the motivation, the interest in the quality of our work but also a commitment to an effective start of the activities of the STC new office.

A road map, prepared since the end of the Bamako Congress in February 2018, was submitted for sharing at the SC level and, in his welcome address, the incoming STC President highlighted the broad guidelines before going into details regarding activities at the start of work in plenary session.

On their part, the SC offices with their President being the real designers are more empowered in the management because of the "bottom-up" approach and the collegial management proposed by the STC.

The good progress of work and results achieved according to the indications contained in the various TORs testify to the commitment of the various members who really exerted themselves in making their contributions. The summary reports speak volumes ...

Consolidation of this SC work allowed the STC President to report back to the Executive Board (EB) without forgetting, on all occasions during the discussions, to clarify the role of the STC and its readiness to consider any issue submitted in the interest of AfWA.

The meeting of the EB was an opportunity for the various members and their President to confirm a real determination to improve the management of the association. All parties agreed on this and the Executive Board proved, more than ever, their availability for the implementation of decisions.

Moreover, the EB was very receptive to the proposal of the STC President to review the contours of the "Strategic Committee" and is waiting for a text proposal to be submitted to it for inclusion in the organizational arrangement.

In addition, the STC will propose a large-scale draft survey whose final version will be provided to all members of the association, among other things, to give more visibility on the actions to be undertaken and reassure on the directions taken, in relation to identified aspirations.

The foregoing confirms the dynamism of the association, under the leadership of its President, and the determination to confirm leadership in the water and sanitation sector for sustainable access.

One cannot help but mention the exhibition, while waiting for the JPO report elements, which attracted high quality participation and in larger number.

The next meetings are already planned and scheduled for the next two years leading up to the 20th Congress. This is a major indicator for the commitment of decision-makers and other managers of water and sanitation companies in Africa.

An appointment not to be missed is given in Djibouti in November 2018.