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SENEGAL: Adding value to faecal sludge

Monday, 17 September 2018
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 For five years now, DELVIC SA, in partnership with Office National de l’Assainissement du Sénégal (ONAS), the National Office for Sanitation of Senegal and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), has been experimenting a revolutionary faecal sludge processing technology known as the OMNIPROCESSOR.

It is the first machine in the world that transforms faecal sludge into potable water, fertilizers, ashes and electricity. The OMNIPROCESSOR pilot plant is a donation by the BMGF to the ONAS, to help improve sanitation in the country.

The pilot phase of the project, which is soon coming to an end, has shown that this technology is viable.

Therefore, DELVIC SA, in partnership with ONAS, whose engineers have acquired the expertise and experience necessary to operate the Omniprocessor pilot plant, intend to buy and operate the first commercial version of the machine, at one of the faecal sludge processing plants in Dakar, and to market the products. Mrs. Faye Lena Tall, chairperson of the board of directors of DELVIC SA is certain about the Omniprocessor product quality, especially water. According to Mrs. Tall, "The quality of water produced by the Omniprocessor is excellent; it has undergone all the required tests in the best laboratories in Senegal. This water can be used for various agricultural and industrial purposes; it also meets WHO potable water standards." However, Mrs. Faye acknowledges the prejudices that could surround the consumption of this water, though Bill Gates drank and confirmed that it is indeed water! This is why, according to her, "The DELVIC SA Omniprocessor project provides water for other uses including in the automobile sector.”

DELVIC SA intends to popularize the Omniprocessor in Africa in order to significantly solve the acute sanitation problems on the continent.

The Omniprocessor can, beyond all considerations, render a great service to humanity and save millions of lives. The Omniprocessor could be a solution to the lack of sanitation that about four billion people or a third of the world's population is facing.

For more on the Omniprocessor, go to: https://www.geoado.com/actus/omniprocessor-la-machine-qui-change-le-caca-en-eau-potable-13341/

For more on Delvic, go to: http://delvic-si.com/a-propos-de-nous.html