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Heading for post-2015 development agenda

Friday, 07 April 2017
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Within a few months to the year 2015 regarding the assessment of the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the international community has started to mobilize so as to think about post-2015 sustainable development agenda.

A United Nations System Task Team with the objective to coordinate the preparations of post-2015 and a High-Level Group of 27 members to advise on post-2015 global development have already been set up by the United Nations Organization’s (UNO) Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, in July 2012.


As we can notice, reflection about post-2015 development priorities has started. And yet, the main theme of this reflection is to privilege human development.

The global consultation currently carried out through a survey called “My World” launched by the UNO and some of its partners so as to list voices, priorities and opinions of citizens from various countries, firstly pointed out three priority fields: a good education, a better healthcare and an honest and responsive government.

We shall mention that access to drinking water and improved sanitation services should also be a priority issue in the post-2015 development agenda under preparation. The post-2015 Africa we want and wish is the one in which all the households are connected to a drinking water network and a sanitation service.

Respecting this basic human right - access to drinking water and sanitation - is the key for any sustainable development. Can we rightly have a better healthcare or a good education without access to water and sanitation?

Of course the answer is NO. The African Water Association therefore advocates for taking into account access to water and sanitation as a post-2015 priority issue. This will surely be an indicator that we really want a sustainable human development beyond declarations of good intention.