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A Water Revolution soon in Africa?

Friday, 07 April 2017
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Three major events marked the water and sanitation related global community in this first quarter of the year 2012.magazine grand 107

In chronological order, these events are our 16th Congress in Marrakesh (from February 20th to 23rd), the 6th World Water Forum in Marseilles (from March 12th to 17th) and the celebration of the World Water Day (March 22nd).

The close relation between these three events is that they sowed the seeds of awakening our consciousness on the crucial issue regarding the access to water.

In Marrakesh, we became highly aware of the African continent’s delay regarding the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). We are now conscious that it is necessary to accelerate the pace towards achieving the MDGs through the implementation of innovative financial mechanisms.


The 6th World Water Forum in Marseilles was “Time for solutions” to improve governance, financial cooperation and institutional arrangement of the water related sector. More than ever, we must be the actors of the secured development of the world.

The theme of the 2012 World Water Day “Water and Food Security” helped us to understand that the scarcity of water resources could threaten the survival of the planet’s seven billion inhabitants. The water footprint thus appears as an important component to suppress the prevailing food crisis in some countries.

What are we waiting for to reverse the trend following the relevant analyzes resulting from these three events? After the Industrial Revolution, the Digital Revolution, can one start to dream of a possible Water Revolution?

It is now the time for our “civilizing” mission to supply with drinking water the whole world population and more particularly the Africans among whom the “water gap” is striking. Our determination to achieve this noble task will help us to bring changes and subsequently to show that we can exorcise the fate Africa is so often confined in.

Let us dream of an African continent where everyone benefits from this basic right regarding the access to drinking water. The Water Revolution count-down is on.